Grow Up With Harita

Joys of Parenting

  1. An interview series that explores the various parenting styles of various generations across various cultures, where parents share the stories closest to their heart & their children on camera for the world.
  2. Parenting is one of the things that comes without a manual, so we as parents have got to be more careful, right?
  3. Do we really know our parenting styles?
  4. As of 17th Jan 2024, I’ve published 1st interview here, am ready to publish 2nd, and planning to go deeper for better story-telling for the 3rd one.
  5. Would you like to join me on a short conversation about all things parenting? Let’s Chat. I am
Episode #1
Episode #2

Encourage Positive Parenting Conversations

  1. I believe a conversation is at the core of everything children learn in their initial years. It’s almost a rocket science thing that so many forces apply at the same time that we cannot even count.
  2. In the shortest & simplest terms, there are only 2 kinds of energies in the universe, right? Positive & Negative. So if we focus on Positive words, Negative energy automatically becomes powerless & diminishes.
  3. A simple appreciation like “Very Good Baby” a few times a day can simply structure the brain wiring of a child in a growth direction and a million positive possibilities arise from there.
  4. That’s why I created “These Tools” for parents like myself which any parent can customize with their child’s picture, name & positive words.
  5. I even aim to start a monthly subscription service for the same in near future.